Basic Hygiene Tips for Dogs


No doubt bathing your pet dog is important but it is not as such critical as it is given importance in numerous articles, blogs or many other sources. If your dog is healthy then you do not need to give him bath every day or even every week, instead you can give him bath in time span or a month or even more at times. But often, most of the dogs owners will make them pets take the bath on regular basis. Agree that it is loved by many dogs and also offers a good bonding experience but it has nothing to do with doing so with compulsion.

In dog grooming we always mention about bathing at the top of the list but forget to discuss about other things which are also really very important when it comes to your pet. It includes ear cleaning, teeth brushing and checking for fleas etc. it is best to do all these things together as dogs do not like to sit for long at one place for these activities.

How to Clean Ear:

For ear cleaning, get solutions meant for ear cleaning purpose of pets form some nearby pet store. Ear mites easily get attracted in dog’s ear and if not taken care of, it gets larger and you can see a dirty looking black substance in your pet’s ear. Take a q-tip dipped in ear cleaning solution and swab gently in the ear. Hold your dog tightly as it might squirm.

Brushing Dog’s Teeth:

It is one of the most overlooked in grooming a pet. Usually it is done by most of the owners just once in a year or two. Consider it like if you are brushing your teeth for six months! The same feel your dog will have. Instead of regretting start doing by using special toothbrush and toothpaste meant for dogs only. Do not forget to brush back teeth too. It might be easier to do compare to ear cleaning as the dog might like the taste of toothpaste.

Check for Fleas and Ticks:

These are nasty little bugs that cause discomfort to the pet by digging themselves deep into its skin and suck the blood. You need to be more careful if you are living near wooded regions. However, irrespective your living area, do check for ticks as they carry many harmful disease to your dog. Fleas are not as harmful as ticks are but they cause nuisance to the pet. If they are caught then they might caught by the pet or by kids in your home and you might need to get your home fumigated.